Three girls torturing and stomping on the cat made fans angry

Animals such as dogs and cats are often cherished as family members. However, there are still some people who not only do not take care of them, but also cruelly mistreat them.

A video has caused a “storm” that made people angry when it recorded the scene of three girls torturing a small cat.

The three girls have abused the little cat.​ (Photo: Screenshot)

Three girls torturing the little cat

The social network has continuously shared videos recorded by three Thai girls about animal abuse and posted on their personal pages. Accordingly, these three people have continuously abused the little cat.

The girls have committed animal abuse. (Screenshots)

As soon as the clip was posted, it caused outrage from netizens. They left many comments harshly criticizing this action and demanding punishment for the girls in the clip.

This action angered everyone, leaving many critical comments. (Screenshots)
The posted images have made people sad, impatient, even some individuals did not dare to watch the video until the end. Netizens have repeatedly left many harsh comments and condemned the three girls for the abuse of animals. Many people couldn’t even hold back their tears and said, “If you can’t feed it, you can give it to others, but why act so cruelly?”

The online community criticized the actions of the three girls. (Screenshots)

Comments from the online community:

“Oh my god, my Miu is at home, I don’t even have the heart to scold him, what are these people doing.”

“If there is a law to protect animals like cats and dogs, these people should be condemned and brought before the law.”

“I can’t watch this video all the time, I get goosebumps.”

“My dog and cat in cold weather are afraid that it will get sick, but never dare to hurt it. So what are these three people doing?”

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