Mother cat digs a pit to bury her kittens, causing emotion

If you think that animals have no emotions, the “human” actions of the mother cat in the following clip will make you reconsider your opinion.

A social media user from Indonesia shared a video of an adult cat burying a kitten.

In a tweet posted in May 2018, this user advised humans to think twice before torturing any animals because they have emotions just like humans.

The caption under the video reads “this mother cat is burying her baby that was killed by a human”. The photos show a kitten lying in a small grave dug by the cat’s owner. Next to it is a mother cat saying goodbye to her baby. The mother cat even used her paw to push the ground on the grave of her baby.

The person who posted the clip advises people to be kinder to animals because they do not harm us. She said, “The mother cat was pregnant at the time and just wanted a place to give birth. Treat animals with humanity, do not chase or torture them. If they’re hungry, give them some food, it won’t make you poor.”

Many social media users after watching the above video were very touched by the “human” action of the mother cat towards the kittens. All agreed that humans should treat all animals in nature with kindness and tolerance.

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