The girl intentionally used the glass door to clamp the kitten to death at the pet store, the excuse from the family made people angry

The online community is currently extremely indignant at the clip recording the scene of a girl deliberately using a glass door to kill a small cat at a pet store.

The infuriating incident happened on August 8 at a pet store in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China. According to some sources, the person who caused the terrible incident was a girl who was only about 10 years old.

The image from the security camera shows that, while sitting next to the closed glass door, the girl wearing a pink T-shirt suddenly got up and opened the door. If it’s just the simple act of opening the door, there’s nothing to say, but right behind the glass is a small cat resting.

Too suddenly, the cat did not have time to run away, so the whole person was sandwiched between the glass door and the cabinet behind. Although the cat struggled in pain, the girl continued to push the door open all the way, pressed against the cabinet next to it, and stopped for a few seconds. Through these images, it can be seen that the girl deliberately used the door to clamp the kitten into the narrow space in the middle.

After putting all her strength into squeezing the glass door, she closed the door again, revealing the pitiful cat’s struggling figure. Not stopping there, the girl pushed the door to a small angle and then closed it completely. Meanwhile, the cat that was just caught in the middle of the door was able to escape.

The little cat struggled on the ground before the bewilderment of the other cats standing around. It wasn’t until this time that the pet shop people were busy working behind the door that they noticed something unusual. This person quickly ran to the dying cat, not knowing what to do.

After only about 2 minutes of being locked in the door, the ill-fated cat died just because of the cruel “joke” of the pink girl. Knowing that this girl’s actions were intentional, not unintentional, the pet store owner was extremely indignant and immediately called the police.

The functional force quickly contacted the family of the girl mentioned above. The girl’s parents explained that their daughter was naughty and playful, so at that time they tried to “play” with the little cat. Unexpectedly, the ill-fated cat got his head stuck in the door slot, so it led to the heartbreaking ending. The family is still negotiating compensation with the pet shop owner.

As soon as it was shared on social networks, this incident attracted great attention from the public in the country of billions of people. Most people expressed anger and resentment at the girl’s behavior.

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