Otter Is Grabbed By The Eyeball By Vicious Crab

This otter evidently came a bit too near for one ferocious crab, as he was caught in what appears to be a severe attack on his eye socket. Andre Sorlie, a Norwegian amateur photographer, captured the fight between the crab and the sea otter.

The incident was recorded on video by the 37-year-old photographer last summer while he was visiting his in-laws in Hitra, Norway. ‘The property I was living in is just meters from the water and has a beautiful view looking out on to the bay,’ Mr Sorlie, from Blystadlia, Oslo, added.

‘I peeked out the window and saw a seal swimming about, so I grabbed my camera and went down to the beach. I waited for the seal to come closer because it was a little far out in the bay, but after a few minutes, I was startled to see an otter appear in front of me.’

‘Because I was waiting for a seal, my camera was already set up, and I immediately started taking shots. It took me a while to realize there was something wrong since the otter’s head was turned away from me, but suddenly it peered in my direction and I saw the crab clinging to life.’

‘The otter was swimming directly for me, and I could see the crab had a firm grasp on its eye. It appeared so needy for assistance that I wondered whether it would let me assist it. But then it did a dive right in front of me, submerged for a few seconds, and reappeared approximately two meters away.’

‘Then it plummeted again and vanished. I waited for a while, but they never appeared again, so I’m not sure what happened to the crab or the otter. The crab undoubtedly tried everything it could to escape being eaten… but I bet the otter will think twice before attacking the next crab it encounters.’

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