Shiba Inu Is Constantly Ruining His Friends’ Group Pics, And Goes Viral On Instagram

When it comes to taking group photos, your bound to either have to deal with a friend who forces you to retake the picture 10 times to make sure it’s perfect or the friend who refuses to take a serious picture and ruins each and every shot (thus turning YOU into that friend who forces everyone to retake the picture again and again).

Well, this little pup named Hina definitely belongs in the latter category. The adorable Shiba Inu could charm the socks off anyone with his beautiful face, but every time Hina and his friends Kikko, Sasha and Momo gather in front of the camera, Hina just can’t resist making a goofy face.

We’ve collected 16 of our favourite photo-fails in the gallery below so that you too get to join in on the fun. Enjoy!

His funny expressions may make his friends a little grumpy, but they have won him the heart of the internet

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