A Lazy Elephant Creates A Jumbo Roadblock By Taking A Nap In The Middle Of A Highway In Thailand

This is the astonishing moment an elephant causes a traffic jam by napping across the road. Nattawat Patsungsing, 57, was late for work when the obstinate beast remained still for around 20 minutes in Nakhon Ratchasima, northern Thailand. Mr Patsungsing, who was filming the majestic Indian elephant from his automobile, had to come to a halt and remain silent so order not to scare the monster into charging. The footage begins with Mr Patsungsing driving slowly near the elephant.

When he zooms closer, the animal is seen twitching its legs and fluttering its ears while sleeping. The elephant eventually kicks up its legs and stands up. As Mr Patsungsing carefully reverses away, it looks at him. ‘Oh boy…you’re taking the entire road,’ adds Mr Patsungsing.

Could you kindly relocate, young man? ‘I really need to get to work.’ He may also be heard calling the elephant “sir” as it stood absolutely motionless. Following the incident, the driver stated that he had been advised by wildlife officials in the region that the troubled elephant was named Nga-Thong, which translates as “golden ivory” in Thai.

According to authorities, the beast frequently lays on the concrete road for warmth. ‘Nga-Thong doesn’t like to disclose himself when the road is packed with automobiles and noisy buses, so most of the time it’s national park officers who see him,’ Mr Patsungsing added. They stated he was really bashful, so I waited about twenty minutes before he stood up. I was late for work that day, but I was relieved to see him so near.’

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