Highly Venomous Cobra Swallows A Python Whole Before Locals Club It To De.ath In The Philippines

This is the stomach-churning moment when a cobra was discovered after consuming an entire python. On Wednesday afternoon, terrified villagers witnessed the extremely deadly Philippine cobra in a rice field in Davao del Sur, in the country’s south.

It had k.illed and devoured the reticulated python, leaving just its victim’s tail dangling from its jaws. The terrified residents, who had seen numerous people d.i.e from cobra stings in previous years, struck the predator with a club until it di.ed.

They then cut the cobra apart and discovered the python within its stomach. ‘There are a lot of snakes in our neighborhood, but this is the first time we witnessed a cobra devour a python,’ one villager remarked. Because cobra bites have k.i.lled people in the past, my neighbor k.i.lled the snake as soon as he noticed it.’ The event occurred in a secluded community near the town of Kibalawan on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines’ south.

Residents used a machete to cut up the cobra after it was de.ad. The cobra was thought to be approximately 12ft long, while the python was smaller, measuring between 6ft and 8ft. The event was reported to village officials, who advised locals to be cautious of snakes in the fields.

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