Wild Moment Old Man Fights Off Mammoth Charging Croc With A Frying Pan

A courageous bar owner who battled off a raging crocodile with a frying pan claimed the beast deserved a “good lesson.” Kai Hansen refused to back down from the charging 2.5m reptile at the Goat Island resort in the Northern Territory, and the extraordinary scene was recorded on camera. The troublesome croc turned around and raced back to the water after two hits on the nose.

‘I wouldn’t say it’s a common occurrence, but I have to keep careful and do what I can,’ Mr Hansen told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday. ‘No one was wounded, and the croc learned a valuable lesson.’ The fight began, according to the tough outdoorsman when the beast got too near to the famed site and grew hostile. He went down to the river, armed with a heavy-bottom saucepan, to make sure the path was safe for visitors.

It’s not Mr Hansen’s first run-in with a charging saltie. Dumb Blonde, his pet dog, was eaten by a three-meter monster on the Adelaide River in 2018. Despite the pa.in and continued thre.ats posed by the animals, Hansen claims to be unfazed. ‘When you’re driving in your car and suddenly a dog appears in front of you, are you scared? No, you simply do what you have to do,’ he explained. ‘You simply work by instinct,’ said one commentator on social media, with some applauding Mr Hansen’s bravery and others accusing him of taking a dangerous and unnecessary risk.

‘That Gator understood the task. He was going to be in that frying pan, which is why he returned to that water,’ one American quipped. Another questioned the weapon’s choice, saying, ‘I have seen the teeth marks on oars that have been used to discourage grumpy crocs.’ Another described Mr Hansen as “out of control” and a “totally different unit.” Others expressed sympathy for the croc. ‘If you’re stupid enough to hang near croc-infested regions and anything bad occurs, I can’t blame the croc,’ one individual said.

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