Feral Dog Shedding Tears and Bowing Hands in Gratitude When Passersby Feed Him After Starving For Days

The sad puppy was discovered feeding near a park in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, China, in early December. The woman cooked sausage to feed the orphaned animal traveling in the chilly weather out of compassion. The stray dog continued to look at her as she fought to unwrap it. His eyes were sparkling, and his tail was wagging enthusiastically. The nice lady, who also shared the heartbreaking video on social media, returned to the park the next day to seek the dog. When the dog saw the benefactress from a distance, he raced towards her, wagging his tail in greeting.

He also stood on his hind legs, grasped his front paws, and repeatedly bowed. He appeared to be a person expressing his delight at meeting her. The dog burst into tears as soon as she brought the food. Partly because of excitement and passion, and partly out of pity. “Me and my pals were heading to the park when we noticed the stray puppy,” woman Xiaoxiang told the Morning Post. As we were feeding the puppy, his eyes welled up with tears.” I wanted to give him a deep embrace since I felt so horrible, but the dog refused to remain still and tried to jump into the traffic.

Maybe he thinks we’re dog thieves who coax pups into their cars with food and then sell them.” She went on. She went to the park a few days later, on December 23, to seek the dog. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be located. I’ve been looking for a couple of days. “I can’t seem to find the dog anywhere.”

“I’ll probably ask the neighborhood scavengers,” she replies, perplexed. People in Douyin who have seen the cunning dog’s video clip are hoping he will be located soon. “He’s a talking dog with talking eyes.” “Please don’t injure him,” someone wrote. “I hope this dog isn’t captured,” said another. A third idea: “Can someone adopt him?”

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