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Korean AM Service GLUCK mass produces realistic humanoids – Davide Sher, 3D Printing Media Network, April 19, 2022

They are coming. The realistic humanoid robots from popular movies and TV series may be close than you think thanks to 3D printing. GLUCK, a South Korean 3D printing and 3D design service provider, has mass produced several ultra-realistic robots using its fleet of large format Cubicon SLA 3D printers (which is now located at the Wico3D Printers 3D printing automation factory in Seoul. The humanoids were created for an installation at local designer eyewear brand Gentle Monster’s Nudayk Store in Hanam. The mechatronic artwork is meant to simulate a robotic assembly line.

All the parts for the humanoid robots were 3D printed using large format SLA technology, with extremely photorealistic surface finishing. A urethane coating was also applied to ensure the durability of the photopolymeric 3D printed parts. The GLUCK tam, which prides itself in continuously improving the capabilities of their SLA systems, applied a very high resolution texture to replicate even the skin pores on the face of each humanoid robot. Getting a perfectly realistic skin color took extensive post-processing work.

GLUCK’s creative and production capabilities are impressive and leverage a fleet of over 20 very large SLA sytems. In 2021 the company opened Korea’s largest industrial 3D printing automation factory, the Wico3D Printers facility, Paju, Gyeonggi-do., and introduced 16 MAX600 SLA systems from Cubicon with a short term plan to mass-produce silicone molds and surgical simulators, and a longer term plan to add a metal 3D printing business

According to Korean news portal Amenews, Wico3D Printers Co., Ltd. was established through a joint venture with former LocknLock CEO and current CEO Kim Chang-ho of Shiliman, with plans to complete an industrial 3D printing automation factory line. As the provider of the equipment required for production, the companies selected Korean company Cubicon (CEO Choi Doo-won), a subsidiary of Hi-Vision System, specializing in 3D printing. In total 20 SLA 3D printers will be operated at the site.

In addition to mass-produced industrial and medical parts such as silicone molds, simple molds (QDM), and surgical simulators, the companies are targeting the PoD (Print on Demand) market, enabling customers to produce their own design products.

Jae-ok Hong, CEO of Gluck Co., Ltd., who serves as the director of Wico3D Printers, said, “We have started to build a large-scale 3D printer automation factory to raise mass production, which was the limit of 3D printers.”

In addition to mass production of parts and on demand production for start-ups, the company is also offering support to clients who want to internalize digital additive mass production capabilities. Gluck has built up experience in the development of over 10,000 prototypes using 3D printing since 2013. The company is currently operating a 3D printing specialized lab through the maker space (the GLUCK 3D Printing Fab Lab) supporting professionals in the industrial and medical fields.







Wico3D Printers and Cubicon participated in the promotion of the makerspace construction and operation. Gluck plans to build its fleet up to more than 100 industrial 3D printers through additional investment in the future. In order to advance into metal parts mass production business and secure price competitiveness, the company also plans to introduce several metal 3D printers.

GLUCK CEO Hong Jae-ok said, “Based on the 3D printing automation factory, we will do our best to advance the era in which anyone with an idea can produce products through 3D printing.”

Doo-won Choi, CEO of Cubicon, added, “We look forward to synergies through collaboration with Glue and Wico3D Printers, which are preparing to promote professional labs together with Cubicon in the first generation of Makerspace.” “With this supply contract as an opportunity, various fields We plan to continue investing with a long-term plan so that Cubicon’s 3D printer can be utilized.”

In the video below, you can see Human Robot Mass Production Process with New 3D Printer Factory in Korea | All Processes of World

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