How special is the Viking warrior’s ship?

Unlike many civilizations, Viking warriors built warships with their bodies lying very little below the water level. Thanks to this feature, warships move quickly through shallow water, able to penetrate deep into enemy territory.



Vikings are people living in the Nordic region, in present-day Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. The Viking warriors were famous for their good fighting, bravery, and even violence when they made many raids and plunders in many lands in Europe, stretching from North to South, from West to East, during the period. from 793 to 1066 (historically known as the Viking Age).

Contributing to the Viking victories were the unique ships. They built large warships, with many designs and sizes. In particular, Viking warships could move smoothly through the dangerous waters of Northern Europe as well as shallow, narrow rivers to penetrate deep into enemy territory.

Viking warship (Longship) is the pride of Viking warriors. According to experts, this type of warship appeared between the 9th and 13th centuries. This was the period when the Vikings actively explored and invaded Europe.

The Vikings cut down big oak trees to build Longships more than 10m long.

The fuselage of the Longship is built to lie very little below the waterline. With this feature, warships move quickly through shallow water, can penetrate deep into enemy territory.

The speed advantage of the Longship warship contributed to helping Viking warriors make sudden and daring attacks. In addition, the Viking’s Longship was extremely sturdy, so it could carry out long voyages.

The ship is also equipped with a large sail with the support of a wooden block called a keelson. It helps spread the weight of the mast and stretch the sail. As a result, the ship can move smoothly on the sea as well as the rivers.

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