Mähdrescher Fendt IDEAL 8 – 10,7 m on Tour in G – new big combine harvester wheat harvest

The company’s own Fendt combine harvester 9490x and tractor Fendt 927 Vario with an Annaburger HTS 22.16 transfer trailer were also on the field. Wheat was mowed. Wheat, rye, barley, poppy seeds, millet, and maize are among the crops that harvesters can harvest. Some crops, however, necessitate the use of a special cutter. Agriculture harvesters. In today’s agriculture, modern technology is used. In today’s agriculture, modern technology is used. Harvesting machines such as combine harvesters, beet harvesters, and maize shredders for maize or forage harvesters all have their own playlists on AgrarBlick.

Powerflow tables
To achieve the best results, everything must be done correctly from the start. As a result, every Fendt IDEAL combines work with the latest generation of the world’s most renowned PowerFlow tables. The robust, solid, and long-lasting design of our PowerFlow cutter units sets them apart. The PowerFlow belts actively drive the crop, including the ears, into the machine. This ensures that the material flows evenly and that the threshing system’s potential is fully realized and protected from stones.

Fendt Autodock Crop elevator
Short setup times mean more time for harvesting. Fendt AutodockTM automatically couples the attachment within 5 seconds, setting new standards in terms of ease of use. Four hydraulic cylinders complete the connection once the attachment is installed. The attachment is mechanically locked by a hydraulic cylinder in the middle of the crop elevator frame.

The 6 center bars (IDEAL 7, 8) are 150 mm tall and have a slope insensitivity of up to 15°. The sensors at the end of the shaker shoe aid the driver in setting up the machine in the most efficient manner possible. Curved drop steps are featured on the IDEAL 9 and 10. The heavy grains collect in the lower part of the step due to its curved shape, while the lighter parts of the crop flow are in the top section according to physics. The curved steps provide a larger air outlet, which can significantly increase air volumes. The IDEAL 10’s four curved-step sections can be easily removed for cleaning.

Fendt IDEAL combines are available with two-grain tank options. The Streamer 210, has a capacity of 17,100 l and a 210 l/s unload rate, or the Streamer 140, has a capacity of 12,500 l and a 140 l/s unload rate. The Fendt IDEAL’s massive output is matched by its massive volume and increased unloading rate. The enormous diameter of the unloading auger is the key to the incredible speed. The large diameter of 480 mm, along with a few auger flights, allows for simultaneous low speeds. The grain tank is fully unloaded in 81 seconds, with minimal power use.


In the video below, you can see the Mähdrescher Fendt IDEAL 8 – 10,7 m on Tour in G – new big combine harvester wheat harvest.

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