Rainbow container of Maersk shipping line docked at Tan Cang Cat Lai port

These are 2 of 15 rainbow containers newly manufactured by Maersk globally in 2022 to convey the message of humanity…
On August 23, a representative of Cat Lai New Port said that recently, two rainbow containers of Maersk shipping line have successfully docked on the MAERSK NORESUND ship number 230S.

These are 2 of 15 new rainbow containers produced by Maersk globally in 2022 to convey the humane message “Whoever you are, wherever you are, will be received without discrimination. of race, sex, age, ethnicity and religion”.

Since March 2021, Maersk’s first two rainbow containers have begun their journey around the world and ended in the shipping line’s home country of Denmark during the season of Copenhagen Pride 2021 – the largest human rights festival to take place. Danish annual.

In 2022, with the desire to spread the message strongly, Maersk added 15 new rainbow containers for the journey to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Before docking at Tan Cang Cat Lai port of Saigon Newport Corporation (TCSG), 2 containers stopped at a number of ports in Asia and Europe.

Stemming from the same business philosophies, with the same core values ​​in corporate culture, Maersk shipping line has accompanied and been attached for 31 years in the development journey of SNP.

In business activities, Maersk is always in the top 3 shipping lines with large volume through the TCSG system, is one of the pioneering partners for the development of multi-services, especially the first shipping line to apply EDO for TCSG’s ePort system.

The shipping line is always aiming for sustainable development and creating values ​​for the community such as the program “Smokeless Logistics”, “Digitalizing the global supply chain” as well as providing a working environment and human development. as “Asia’s Best Place to Work”.

These are also the goals that GSO focuses on developing such as: “Building Green Ports, Green Logistics…”,” Corporate culture of responsibility to the community”, “Professional management, high-quality human resources”.

In the “Responsible Supply” forum held by Maersk recently, SNP was honored as “Long-time Service Provider” as a valuable proof of the cooperation between Saigon Newport Corporation and major shipping lines. belongs to APM group – Denmark.

The selection of Tan Cang Cat Lai port as the destination for Maersk’s 2 rainbow containers is a meaningful thing, besides the significance of the size and importance of the port in logistics activities in Vietnam and the region.

TCCL always receives a lot of attention from domestic and international customers and partners as a green port, pioneering in technology application towards the sustainable development of the whole industry. At the same time, this is an important link in the Port-Logistics ecosystem of Saigon Newport Corporation to bring optimal solutions to customers.

“We see the rainbow as a symbol of diversity, representing all the unique facets of diversity that Maersk employees, customers, partners and stakeholders have shared and shared with Maersk. ” – Rachel Osikoya, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Maersk said.

SNP understands the meaning and importance of this activity in Maersk’s commitment to an inclusive, equal, humane environment and enabling conditions to say no to barriers of race, gender, and age. , religious nation.

With the same core value is the culture of dealing with customers: “Civilized, professional, respectful, customer-centric”, SNP agrees and supports Maersk’s message of equal working environment and hopes want to spread this humane message to partners and customers who come to work at the facilities in the system.

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