Shocking Video Shows A Rare Dugong Chained Underwater And Separated From Her Calf

Images of a dugong tethered and confined underwater in Indonesia have gone viral. According to reports, the adult dugong was shackled in a cage, while her calf was kept nearby in a separate enclosure.

A crew of divers recorded photos and footage of the creatures on the secluded island of Kokoya, off the coast of North Maluku. The elder creature, which the divers mistook for a mother, is seen drifting limply around her little cage, her tail chained.

According to the divers, the younger calf was confined but not restrained. The dugongs, a critically endangered species, were being held by local fishermen who wanted to charge the party to see the creatures.

‘He offered for money if we wanted to view the dugong or take pictures,’ Delon Lim, one of the group members, said animal rights website The Dodo. It’s unknown how long the animals were held in the cages, but Lim believes they were confined for weeks.

The ropes are frayed and worn. Her scars and tail wo.und are really severe. It was sad,’ he admitted. Another diver, Ryandito Mahendradani, stated on Instagram that the larger dugong was severely injured. Shocked by what they witnessed, the group urged the fisherman to release the animals, and they consented – miraculously.

Lim told The Dodo, ‘When we left the island, the fisherman decided to release them.’ ‘However, because we weren’t persuaded, I shared the video on social media.’

The group’s social media effort, which included tweeting to Indonesia’s Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiasti, raised awareness of the creatures’ situation. Officials freed the animals the next day, March 14. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, dugongs, often known as sea cows, graze quietly on sea grasses in shallow coastal areas of the Indian and western Pacific Oceans (WWF)

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