Most Amazing And Powerful Machines Operating On Another Level

The world’s largest, heaviest grab dredging system. The 200m3 of 370 ton grab has a built-in electric hydraulic system. This dredging unit can offer an enormous grabbing power due to the grab weight and hydraulic cylinder far more than that of cutter suction dredging. New 106m3 grab bucket for hard soil, the world heaviest 477 ton, can dredge not only soft soil, but hard soil as well. Its cutting force is enforced up to 990 ton and the performance with soft rock is highly expected. (Registered as the world record)
Automatic flat bed dredging system is installed in the dredging system for high precision and efficiency. (Patented)

RAUSSENDORF GMBH: The Raussendorf company in Upper Lusatia has been in the metalworking and agricultural machinery manufacturing business for more than 150 years. Re-privatization in 1991 meant continually aligning existing experience potential with current customer needs, combined with maintaining high quality standards. Therefore, our products are of excellent quality with high customer benefits.

In the video below, you can see Most Amazing And Powerful Machines Operating On Another Level

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