Top 8 Roads So Dangerous That Even Longtime Drivers Have To Run Away

#1. Pangi Via Kishtwar
This road is located at the eastern extremity of the Kishtwar District of the Jammu region in Jammu and Kashmir. Also, to add to the complexity – there is a steep gorge of 1000 ft.
The road is so narrow that only one vehicle can (barely) pass at a time. Also, there are scores of steep inclines and declines. The road is “constructed” of rocks, loose soil, etc. To add to the difficulty, on one side there is 1000 feet freefall into the river Chandrabhaga and deadly mountain cliff hanging on other. There is a reason why this road has been titled as “One of the most Dangerous Roads in the World” by many travel forums and gurus!
The 121 KM stretch from Killar to Kishtwar is the main gateway to the basecamp of Kishtwar Kailash, a 6,451m mountain.
#2. The Bolivian Yungas Road
The North Yungas Road, known as the “World’s Most Dangerous Road” as per the title given to it by the Inter-American Development Bank, is one where nearly 300 people lose their lives every year. Drivers who start their journeys on this road usually whisper a quick prayer to appease their god to keep them safe during the treacherous 56 kilometer-long journey from La Paz to Coroico in Yungas, Bolivia. The South Yungas Road which connects La Paz to Chulumani, 64 kilometers away, is nearly as lethal as its northern counterpart. Starting from La Paz, the North Yungas Road involves an ascent of 15,260 feet and then drops down to 3,900 feet at Coroico. Despite being so deadly, this is the only roadway connecting La Paz to the otherwise inaccessible areas of Yungas and thus unavoidable
#3. Guoliang Tunnel
Nested in the cliffs of Taihang Mountains, the tunnel is 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) long, 5 metres (16 ft) tall and 4 metres (13 ft) wide. It links Guoliang with the outside world. There are over 30 “windows” of different shapes and sizes overlooking the gully that were used by the builders to remove rubble from the tunnel, but now allow light into it. Some windows are round and some are square, and they range from dozens of meters long to standard-window-size. Photos of the road are often misidentified with the Bolivian North Yungas Road.
The tunnel is pretty scary with 30 windows of various sizes and shapes and it has been dubbed as the road that does not tolerate any mistakes. Road requires monk-like focus to drive.
#4. The R504 Kolyma Highway 
Kolyma Highway (R504) is the name of a very exciting adventure running from Yakutsk (where the coldest temperature ever recorded outside Antarctica was recorded) to Magadan. It was built by prisoners using hand tools in the 1930s. This is one of the most terrifying pages in Soviet history.
The road is 1.868km (1,160 miles) long, and runs west-east from Yakutsk (actually, Nizhny Bestyakh, in Megino-Kangalassky District of the Sakha Republic, on the eastern bank of Lena River, where the coldest temperature ever recorded outside Antarctica was recorded) to Magadan (the administrative center of Magadan Oblast, on the Sea of Okhotsk in Nagayev Bay).
The road is extremely dangerous during rainy spells, when the usual clay covering of the road turns into impassable mud blanket, swallowing trucks and tractors alike. The road is in a state of disrepair and is not traversable by standard road vehicles because of washed-out bridges and sections of road reclaimed by streams. The keys on the road are the extreme temperatures, heavy snow, ice and reduced visibility, excessive mud in the summer months make it almost impossible to navigate and the ‘Mud Pirates’

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