5 animals that live in lava, really horrible!

Nature is so beautiful, it can turn terrible in an instant with a volcanic eruption.. But apart from volcanic eruptions, of course behind its beauty there are many more natural mysteries. Like, the truth behind the volcano. That is, magma comes from the bowels of the earth and lava is the magma that has come out of the bowels of the earth, this of course you have learned since elementary school. However, what about the animals that live in the lava? Huh, does it exist?
We all know that magma with a temperature of 700 to 1300 degrees Celsius can melt aluminum into iron. Can you imagine, to cook chicken, you only need to dip it once and the chicken will disappear! So how are you, if it is true that there are some animals that can live in or around magma? Yes, let’s find out together!
#1. Hammerhead & Silk Shark
A huge underwater volcano has erupted deep within the Pacific Ocean sending plumes of water towards the surface seen from outer space. NASA satellite images captured the magnificent explosion of the Kavachi volcano, nicknamed Sharkano.
Kavachi got its name from the sea creatures that are able to live within its harsh conditions and live deep within the ocean among floating fragments of rock. Their findings revealed how fish and sharks can survive in the hot, sulphur infused, acidic waters surrounding the volcano.
Two shark species, the silky and scalloped hammerhead, were filmed swimming in the submerged crater during a field trip. Experts believe that the sharks may have mutated in order to cope with the extreme conditions.
#2. Lobster
Besides sharks, it turns out that there are still marine animals that survive in the crater, namely lobsters. This lobster species is still a mystery, especially the confusing type. This lobster is able to survive in an open crater at a depth of 700 meters with hot temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius.
The research team concluded that the lobster was likely trapped and had difficulty moving. Because it was found that he was not alive in the gang, many assumed that he was just separated and trying to survive here.
#3 Cacing
This is not an ordinary worm but a Polychaeta worm that lives at a depth of 1200 meters on the dark and muddy seabed.
Polychaeta is also one of the animals that have been found from the crater of an underwater volcano in northern New Zealand. Although its body size is only 10 cm and eats plankton, it is known as an aggressive predator.
In addition to inhabiting the dark sea, Polychaeta worms are also able to live with high pressure and hot temperatures of around 107 degrees Celsius. So, don’t be surprised if scientists can find these worms living in the craters of seamounts.
#4. Black Dragonfish
Black Dragonfish is one that can survive in extreme heat. Researchers claim that this species can withstand hot temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius. No wonder they are easy to find in active seamounts at a depth of 2000 meters. From its terrible appearance, it can be seen that this species is an aggressive predator that can bite prey quickly. It can glow in the dark like a firefly.
#5. Manta Rays
Who would have thought that this sea butterfly animal can also live in hot temperatures. Manta Rays are generally found in tropical and sub-tropical areas. They are rarely found in cold areas such as northern or southern waters.
They usually live in warm seas above 20 degrees Celsius to be precise around 60 to 80 degrees Celsius, so it’s not surprising if the species was found near seamounts or maybe in areas of lava that fell from land to sea because Manta Rays are also known as marine animals that often migrate and is known to not survive in one location only.
In the video below, you can see 5 animals that live in lava, really horrible!
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