Fisherman Find & Catching A lot Fish Swimming on Road

“During high water fish move towards the banks to find seams pockets and eddies that provide calmer water and lower velocities.They hold behind rock substrate and submerged woody debris to find current breaks. … Sometimes fish move into smaller tributaries during a flood and drop back when flows recede.
But where do the fish go? They mostly hunker down in rock crevices and slack water or they get washed downstream but they also have an opportunity to benefit from the bounty of floodwaters. Picture an average rainy spring day.This video has showing a man catching fish on roads after heavy rains resulted in rivers and lakes overflowing. Incessant rains have created flood-like situation in many parts of the state.
Let’s have a look at Best Catching & Catfish on Road Flooded – Fisherman Find & Catching A lot Fish Swimming on Road in the video below.
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