The most dangerous islands in the world you may not know

Some islands just shouldn’t be visited. Unlike Ibiza, Malta or Hvar, these islands aren’t known for their wild party scenes and gorgeous beaches. Instead, you’d need to watch out for dangerous animals, breathe through a gas mask or pray the ship even makes it to shore. Here are eight deadly islands where you definitely don’t want to be washed ashore.
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1. Ilha da Queimada, Brazil
Ilha da Queimada, nicknamed Snake Island, lies off the coast of Brazil and is home to thousands of Golden Lancehead Vipers – and little else. The snakes are among the world’s most venomous, and there is, according to local legend, around five of the slithering critters to every square metre. For years, the only human inhabitant was a lighthouse keeper but now the Brazilian Navy has banned all civilians from the island.
2. Miyake-Jima, Japan
Found in the Izu islands of Japan, Miyake-jima’s most prominent feature is the active volcano, Mount Oyama, which has erupted several times in recent history. Since the most recent explosion, in 2005, the volcano has constantly leaked poisonous gas, requiring residents to carry a gas mask at all times. Sirens go off across the island when the levels of sulphur rise sharply.
3. Saba, Netherlands Antilles
According the website of the Caribbean Hurricane Network, the tiny island of Saba has been hit by more severe hurricanes in the last 150 years than any other in the region, including by 15 category three storms and seven category fives. Head there during the winter.
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