How To Grow Lemons In A Banana

Did you know that you can grow your own lemon tree in the comfort of your home? This tutorial is a beginner-friendly guide that lets you know how to grow lemons by using a couple of bananas. You can even see significant results in as fast as 5 days!
– Bananas
– Lemon
– Screw
– Tissue or paper towels
– Pots
– Tweezers
– Screwdriver
Step 1
Grab a piece of lemon, then cut it in half and remove the seeds carefully. Transfer the seeds to a large cup filled with water, give it a good stir a few times, then pour out the water. Transfer the seeds to a tissue or paper towel and pat them dry. Grab the bananas and cut off the tip on one side only, then start making holes on the bananas’ body using a screwdriver or anything similar. Grab a tweezer and use it to insert the seeds into each hole. Fill a small pot with dirt, then place the piece of banana with lemon seeds, and add another layer of dirt on top, spray it with a generous amount of water. After 5 days, you’ll see that they will begin to grow some leaves and will continue to grow taller in 10 days.
Step 2
On the tenth day, start digging the planted lemon including the banana. Then, carefully remove the lemon roots from the banana and give it a good rinse. Transfer them into a container filled with water while preparing another pot for them. Fill a new pot with dirt, replant the lemons and spray them with water, grab a plastic and spray the inside with water, then use this to cover the pot. Make sure to seal the ends so that they won’t move out of place. After a month, its leaves will begin to grow bigger and after 2 months its roots will begin to spread and grow longer. That’s when you should remove them from the pot, wash them well and transfer them to a larger pot. Wait for them to bear fruits.
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