Most of the small animals may look pretty and one may be tempted to touch. But, below are some of the animals that you should avoid touching for they can harm you and also cause some diseases to you:
1. The Kissing bug.
They transfer parasites while sucking blood from human beings and therefore create an infection. They carry a disease known as the Chagas disease. The worst effects of the disease mostly revolve around cardiac problems. If no rapid treatment taken, one may die after some time.
2.Japanese giant hornet.
It is a dangerous small animal that can cause death to humans. This animal has a poisonous stinger hence you should never touch it. The poison of this giant destroys the human tissues and one may start walking with difficulties.
3.Bullet ant.
Is one of the most formidable insect foes that exists. One sting from these ants can be so harmful. It contains a neurotoxin that can cause extreme pain, cold sweats, nausea, vomiting and even abnormal heart rhythms
4. Brazilian wandering spiderNo matter how you have strong impulses to touch arachnids, you should never touch this spider. The bite from this dangerous spider can cause death so fast. One needs to be injected with an anti venom just after a bite to prevent its adverse negative effects.
5. Tsetse Fly
The tsetse fly harbors a horrible disease known as the sleeping sickness which can cause death if not treated early. It induces a tremendous amount of pain, extreme lethargy and also suffering

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