Modern Japanese Agricultural Technology Farm Grows The World’s Most Expensive Pear

The Big Pear variety called Nikkori from Tochigi Prefecture is one of the finest varieties of pears in Japan. There are pears each with its own distinctive flavor and texture.
“Nikkori”, the local pear variety developed in Tochigi prefecture
Nikkori is the local pear brand developed in Tochigi prefecture. The brand “Nikkori” is named after “Nikko”, the nationally famous sightseeing destination in Tochigi prefecture, and the Chinese character “梨” which is pronounced as “Ri” in Chinese. We also wanted both those who produce and eat “Nikkori” to have a big smile (“nikkori” in Japanese).
Very large
Nikkori is characterized by its large size. It weighs about 1 kg. Some weigh more than 1.3 kg.
Sweet and juicy
The fruit has high sugar content, a crisp texture, and plenty of juice.
Long storage life
Nikkori is harvested between the middle of October and the middle of November. Since it has a long storage life, it can be stored for about two months in a cool place. Nikkori can therefore be eaten as late as Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day.
The world’s most expensive pear farming technology farm in Tochigi – Japan
The farm has a very large scale and has an investment in modern machinery and equipment. The harvesting processes are hand-selected and carefully arranged by the gardeners to be transported to the point of consumption.
In the video below, you can see Japanese Agricultural Technology Farm Grows The World’s Most Expensive Pear
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Video resource: Noal Farm

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