What would snakes look like with legs?

YouTuber Allen Pan decided to do something that many ophiophilists- people who like snakes – have wondered about. What would snakes look like with legs?
According to evolutionary biologists, the reptilian ancestors of snakes had legs. When we say ancestors, we mean really ancient ones, more than 150 million years ago. Over a long period of time, snakes gave up their strut and chose to slither along the ground.

Why did the snake want legs?
He does show us the visuals of his inspiration behind doing this. So, before proceed towards how effective this build has been, no snake actually approached the YouTuber, asking for a quartet of legs.
The snakes are neither injured nor missing a critical component for their locomotory needs. So, apart from playing God, there seems to be very little reason to power through something like this.
Does the contraption work well?
Luckily though, Pan is smart enough to realize that not all designs can be deployed. The first approach, especially, required a snake to be strapped into some crawly toys. Realizing this folly early on, the YouTuber also seems to be considerate enough to use a dummy snake for these attempts rather than harassing a real one.
Pan’s second design, as seen in the video, is far superior and unharming to the snake it is designed to help. The long clear plastic tube which houses the snake is connected to four legs, each consisting of three joints, and for now, it looks like it can only move forward.
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