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How to care for eggplant in a greenhouse
Engaged in eggplant cultivation almost every gardener. Eggplant care and growing in a greenhouse require special attention.
Selection of the greenhouse variety
Eggplants are planted in the greenhouse of any kind. An ideal option is a self-made polycarbonate or film construction. Gardeners use low-growing varieties and hybrids to plant eggplants: they do not need a garter during the growth process.
Preparing seedlings
Seeds for seedlings are sown 2.5 months before planting in the greenhouse. Planting seeds for seedlings is carried out in large seedlings with a depth of and 8 cm wide. Peat cubes or halves of plastic bottles are sometimes used. In bulk containers, the sensitive root system of plants is less likely to be damaged, which is not the case with cramped seedlings. After damage to the roots, seedlings are not always able to recover.
Moving to the greenhouse
Eggplant is planted in the polycarbonate greenhouse when: 8-9 leaves are formed in plants; the plants will grow stronger and reach 20 cm in height; the sprouts will have a strong root system; flower buds will appear; the age of the plant will reach 75 days. Due to the nature of the root system, plants are transplanted to the greenhouse along with an earthen lump.
Planting plants in the ground is the most important stage. Secrets of moving seedlings:
– To facilitate the removal of plants with an earthen lump, they are abundantly watered an hour before transplanting.
– Prepared beds are leveled and proceed to digging out planting holes, the depth of which should not exceed 20 cm.
– Successful eggplant cultivation involves abundant spilling of holes in a potassium permanganate solution – 2 l in each hole.
– This disinfects and moisturizes the soil. If seedlings were grown in peat bricks, there is no need to extract plants.
After planting, plants take some time to adapt – about 3 weeks. During this time, the room is no longer ventilated to avoid freezing and death of landings.
Growing eggplant in a greenhouse is a troublesome and demanding process. It is important for plants to create good greenhouse conditions, provide regular watering, top dressing, and then they will thank with a rich harvest.
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