Is this bike a great invention or a lousy creation?

Biking in winter is always a little tricky. But this might be a tad overkill.
One cyclist has made a pretty crazy adaptation of the good ol’ winter bike. He machined wheels out of saw blades. Yup, off went the wheels and on went a set of custom circular saw blades.
Most people who want to ride a bike across a frozen body of water would be happy with something like the City of Calgary’s ice bikes. Safe, fun, functional. Others want something … more extreme
The Icycyle is pretty much what it looks like. It’s two giant saw blades mounted to a bike. This actually requires more custom work than you’d think.
Behold the Icуcycle: a Sawblade Bike for Winter Rides | Designs & Ideas on DornobBest of all, this is real. In the video, you’ll get to see how the inventor made his saws-for-wheels idea come to life.
It all started with a stick figure drawing. (Not nearly as great as those of Bicycle Pubes, but still entertaining.) Throw in some engineering skills, welding, 650 x 32mm steel saw “tires,” modified disc brakes, and boom, the icycycle came to life.
Next, watch the creator test fate and take the sawblade bike for a spin across an icy pond.
Epic cycling on Ice... - YouTubeNevermind the fact that an easier solution for winter biking already exists. Someone would’ve created the icycycle eventually, just for fun.
Honestly, the icycycle works better than we expected. Though we still have lots of questions. Are those hubs balanced? What happens if you crash? And why oh why wouldn’t you add fenders?!
It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Please don’t try this at home. If you feel compelled to do so, you’ll really want to watch the toe overlap!
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