Follow the beautiful girl Perrine to the straw transport

Not all businesses that assert to provide a comprehensive range of shipping services do so with regard to transporting straw bales. Heavy Haulers, however, is not your typical trucking firm. Whether you want to utilize the straw bales for “brown” construction projects, fuel, livestock feed, basket manufacturing, or any other purpose, we specialize in shipping them in different forms and sizes.
At Heavy Haulers, we provide dependable delivery for straw throughout the US, Cᴀɴᴀᴅᴀ, and Mᴇxɪᴄᴏ. We achieve this by providing top-notch workmanship and abiding by safe trucking procedures. All of our company’s personnel in all US offices have received training in and have a working knowledge of logistical protocols. To guarantee client satisfaction, they will pay attention to your particular needs and customize the solutions. Additionally, Heavy Haulers have a sizable inventory of cutting-edge machinery, giving us complete control over the service quality. We have the tools necessary to convey the cargo securely, thus no shipment is too special for us to handle.
A straw bale is, as its name implies, a cuboid-shaped box made of dried cereal stalks that are left over after the chaff has been removed. Using a strong string, the bale is assembled and bound. Imagine it as the haystacks used to feed and provide bedding for horses in stables.
You must collaborate with a shipper who is experienced in such projects if you want to retain the structural integrity of the straw bales during shipment. As specified on the quote, our rigs will be at the pickup location. We’ll promptly load the cargo using the required tools so that it may be on the road as soon as possible. We pledge to handle the freight carefully to make sure it arrives at the delivery location on schedule and in good condition. This is crucial since we reduce the amount of time your business activities are interrupted and assist you in quickly starting up again.Let’s follow the beautiful girl Perrine to the straw transport in the amazing video below.
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