Truck crashes into overpass & driving skills to grasp when truck goes over bridge

04:00 – I would have bet good money that guy in the logging truck couldn’t make that corner. Great driver! Some of those other dudes are certifiably crazy!! that was a work of art getting that truck around that bend. The driver of that yellow rig with all those logs deserves a raise !
People who drive large trucks and bulky vehicles are usually very good. Because it takes skill to operate them perfectly and avoid bad situations while on the road
Follow these instructions to restore control if you are losing traction while descending or ascending a steep grade. Be careful not to let the engine become too hot. The truck is easily prone to overheating if you push it too hard. Watch the thermometer carefully. Before beginning the climb, add the diffs if the grade is slick. You may pull yourself up the slope by using all of the drive wheels. Avoid following the path of the vehicle in front of you if the hill is slick.
Draw the car slightly to the right. Run one set of your drives on the road shoulder in the hopes of utilizing the great, extra traction provided by the gravel on the road shoulder. Give the truck just enough fuel. I enjoy fluttering the fuel. In this manner, the truck’s wheels are less likely to spin. Give the truck electricity gradually. Maintain the engine’s RPMs ᴄʟᴏsᴇ to the maximum. In this manner, if the wheel does begin to spin, it can only do so for a short while before ʜɪᴛting the limiter. This could cause you extra problems if you are operating at low RPMs. It would be more challenging to gain momentum.

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