Automatic Feeding, Milking Machines & Amazing Modern Automatic Cow Farming Technology

Dairy farming is the practice of keeping or rearing animals for the purpose of producing milk and dairy products. For profitable dairy farming, farmers must select popular cows, sheep, and goat breeds.
Smart Dairy Farming
Smart dairy farming is becoming more viable thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and data-driven strategies. Because of the world’s growing population, milk consumption is steadily increasing. In developed countries, dairy products are consumed at a higher rate than in undeveloped countries. Better technical solutions for increasing milk output are necessary to fulfill this rising demand for milk products. The usage of IoT and various AI techniques is intended to aid a farmer in overcoming several traditional farming obstacles and increasing milk production.
Modern Cow Dairy Farming
Dairy farming is primarily concerned with reproductive care and milking. Calves are carefully cared for. They’ve also been fed their mother’s milk. A substantial amount of high-quality fodder is also provided. It is estimated that a herd of cows will eat about 900 tons of feed per year.
Do you know that an automated process can save your energy and the cost of production?
Once set, an automatic feeding system enables you to feed hundreds of poultry animals at a faster rate without having to pay for laborers.
Advantages Of an Automatic Feeding System
Some of the advantages of using an automatic feeding system include:
1. Automation
The fact that the system continues to work by itself once set is an advantage.
An automatic feeding system, therefore, saves the energy that will be wasted by manual operation.
The operation of the system is safe, and convenient, and does not give out noises.
2. Quick Feeding Rate
An automatic feeding system can work very fast and can completely feed up to 10,000 chickens in just 40 minutes.
The system therefore saves time. It ensures that time is conserved to be used for performing other tasks apart from feeding the animals.
3. Energy Conservation
An automatic feeding system is 85% more energy efficient than the usual chain feeders that are commonly used on local farms.
The various parts of the system are well designed to minimize energy loss in form of heat. Thus, the operation is highly efficient.
4. Cost Saving
An automatic feeding system saves the cost of production. It can replace the work of several dozens of people and save the cost of paying for labor.
5. Easy Operation
An automatic feeding system enables the farmer to easily set the amount of feed in which he desires to give to the animals.
It also allows the farmer to add an appropriate amount of feed at any time.
Milking process
The cows are taken to a special milking compartment where they are milked automatically while eating. With this automatic system of milking, hundreds of cows can be milked in a day. After taking the fixed amount of milk the automatic system containing a pipe through which the milk passes will disconnect itself. And the current batch of cows will be replaced with a new batch.
Robot Milking: Another modern system is Robot Milking. Robotic milking has acquired significant acceptance, notably in western Europe, as a method to minimize labor on dairy farms, enhance yield per cow, and improve the lifestyle of dairy farm families milking 40 to 250 cows
Cow stress is reduced since they may choose to be milked when they need and want it. There is no set plan for milking each cow at a specific time, resulting in lower stress and increased milk output.
The cows may walk up to a robotic milking machine anytime they wish to be milked. These machines may also feed or supplement the cows, as well as track body weight, milk yield, temperature, and other factors to aid in health and wellness tracking. Milking cups with sensors connect to the teats of the cow from underneath, following disinfection, to reduce mastitis. The robot then finishes milking the cow, detaches from the animal, and the cow is free to leave the machine.
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