The Smallest Parrot you have ever seen – Tiny egg rescue

Raising an abandoned baby kitten or a puppy already sounds like a pretty difficult and stressful mission. Now, try to imagine rescuing and hatching a teeny tiny parakeet egg and then taking care of a fragile little bird that came out of it. All by yourself.
The man was at a pet shop when he noticed an abandoned egg in one of the parakeet cages. The man was given the abandoned egg, which he then safely put inside a matchbox and took home. When he arrived home, he put the egg inside an incubator, hoping that in a few days, he’d be able to see life. After a few days of incubating, he was already able to see a beating heart inside the egg.
And then, on the 19th day of taking care of the egg, the bird finally started hatching. The bird was incredibly small and incredibly fragile. The man patiently fed the little birdie eight times a day so it could grow up big and strong.
The baby was growing quickly and with each day, it looked more and more like a grown-up parakeet. While his bird son was growing, the guy kept thinking about the bird’s dad that he left behind at the pet store. So he called the pet shop. He told them his would come for him, as soon as his son could fly.” When the little one started flying, the man decided to come back to the store and take the bird’s dad too.
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Video resource: A Chick Called Albert

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