Cows eat snakes to survive. Do you believe that?

Cows and snakes? Which species do you think will be the winner? Don’t look down on small animals and think the results are obvious. And we will introduce a close-up of the dairy farm. Watch the content in the video you will be surprised.
Below we will share the case of snakes being eaten by cows and captured in quite detail
In the video, the results may be surprising. Do not miss and follow the video below the post
Refrigeration mechanic Andrew Gertz came across the bovine snake catcher as he drove on the deserted Sandover Highway about 300 kilometres from Lake Nash Station in the Northern Territory.
“Sucked Its Head Off”
Gertz explained that the snake’s head was in the cow’s mouth, saying, “It’s kind of sucked its head off back to the bone. I’ve seen cows with bone and hides… I thought it might have been a bone.”
Wondered how the large python’s head ended up in the cow’s mouth, thinking that the cow might have maybe disturbed the snake somehow, causing it to latch on to the cow’s tongue. The unusual scene of a cow chewing on a large python isn’t exactly normal animal behaviour, as chewing of bone or hide would be.
The bovine species was identified as the Western Queensland cattle, and according to natural historian Angus Emmott, “cattle were known to scavenge on dead kangaroos and cattle to supplement their diets, especially in the red dust of outback Queensland, but he had no doubt python sucking was unusual,” but Emmott also said, “I have never seen one chew a snake.”
However, cow’s bodies really tell them what they need, and that “the cow might have been ‘chewing it for both protein and trace elements. Their body tells them what they need and they’ll go and chase it down if it’s available.” Who knew that snake carcasses would be full of plentiful minerals for a growing animal? Gertz, who took photos of a cow chewing on the snake, said that eventually the cow, unfazed by the scaly meal in its mouth, dropped the snake’s body and wandered off.
He said the cow might have been “chewing it for both protein and trace elements”.
“Their body tells them what they need and they’ll go and chase it down if it’s available,” he said.
Mr Gertz said the cow seemed unfazed by its unusual meal and his interest, dropped the dead snake and wandered off.
Dairy farming isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s early mornings and late nights, lots of hard work and doing more with less — but dairy farmers will say it’s all worth it when you’re doing what you love and nourishing your community with delicious dairy foods.
Dairy Herd Management is an important factor for Dairy farms that maintain long-term high production. They need to successfully manage several key factors: cow nutrition, reproduction, comfort, and milking. Alongside these essentials, all dairy farms must deal with the logistics of weather, transportation, and expenses. It can be a lot to balance, but proper planning and thoughtful utilization of the latest dairy farm training and technology make it possible. This article outlines the principles of properly managing a dairy herd to maintain high milk production and happy cows.
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