The World’s Scariest Swimming Pools That Make People Shiver

While on vacation, one of the biggest attractions to a particular hotel can be the swimming pool(s) they offer their guests. To indulge yourself in a luxurious swimming pool is part of a relaxing vacation, and if you love taking a dip in unique pools that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world, we have found some of the most unusual pools around the world. They’re not only unique, but they’re often referred to as daring or even dangerous. If you’ve got nerves of steel, then you just may enjoy the rush you get when swimming in these pools, so if you’re ready, here 10 of the most daring and dangerous swimming pools in the world you probably didn’t know existed:
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
At 57 stories above the city, this is the longest rooftop infinity swimming pool, and is described as measuring an impressive 150m long. When you swim in this pool, you will  be gazing out over the expansive city of Singapore, and if you think the daytime view is  spectacular, you can’t imagine a night time swim. This is a heart-stopping experience for many, and if you don’t know what that’s like, all you’d have to do is swim up to the edge of this pool and you would understand. You get the feeling the pool melds right into the skyline and you could swim off into it. If you are a daring kind of person, this might be the kind of swim that will get you invigorated for more daring swimming pool experiences.
InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai
There are a few pools that test the architectural abilities of some of the greatest in the world, and here’s one that will have you holding your breath as you swim, hoping they did their job right! At the top of the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel, a high-end hotel chain, the long swimming pool ends with an overhanging portion that dangles above the city. The glass bottom and glass wall will let you feel as if you are floating high above the skyline as you take in the views from high above the high rises. This is one of those swimming pools that will either help you get over your fear of heights, or make them worse. Could you handle it?
Nemo 33 Pool, Brussels, Belgium
If you aren’t afraid of the deep, this pool might be one you’d like to challenge yourself to swim in. Located in Brussels, Belgium, this is the deepest, non-chlorinated swimming pool measuring 113 ft. deep. The pool was designed by an expert diver of over 40 years, John Beernaerts, who is also a civil engineer. He made it a safe environment for everyone, including kids as young as 12 years of age. Below the depths, you’ll find simulated caves for diving, and other interesting things to do. The warm temperatures allow divers to dive comfortably without a wet suit and due to the size of the pool, it can hold 50 divers at one time. Get ready to hold your breath and take a deep swim at the Nemo 33 pool, if you’ve got the nerve.
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