You won’t believe orange juice is produced like this

Have you ever thought that one day you will see the whole process of making orange juice at the factory? They are really a perfect line with closed modern machinery technology
Today in this article we will introduce the whole process and show you the process through the images that we have.
Orange juice is a juice drink obtained by pressing orange juice. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C and minerals, which has great benefits for the human body. Such as common improvement of vision and lower blood pressure, prevention of some chronic diseases. How is the orange juice made in Modern factory ?
Simply put, we squeeze the oranges to get the orange juice. However, in modern industry, how orange juice is made ? The process of making orange juice is roughly divided into picking, washing, preheating, juicing, filtration, sterilization, and filing.
Orange juice factory - Stock Image - T930/0342 - Science Photo LibraryOrange Juice Manufacturing Process:
Picking and washing system:
For professional orange juice manufacturers, in order to get high quality juice, we have to choose and clean the fruit during the pre-processing.
Pick fruits to remove moldy fruits, rotten fruits, immature fruits, and fruits that have been damaged by pests and diseases.
To clean, we have a bubble type fruit washing machine and brush type cleaning machine. After soaking, rinse with spray or running water. The cleaning opportunity sprays water or keeps the person rolling to sprint the surface of the fruit. For fruits with more pesticide residues, they can be treated with dilute hydrochloric acid solution or fatty acid detergent for washing.
Orange Juice Extraction System:
Why choose our orange juicer machine? For the orange skin have a large amount of naringin and limonin. it becomes soluble after the temperature rises, making the juice bitter and affecting the taste of the juice. Therefore, we need to remove the orange skin before the extracting, to prevent the orange skin from entering orange juice. Because of this, traditional conventional juicers are no longer suitable for extracting oranges by the function of crushing and squeezing. We offer a dedicated orange juice juicer to our customers. The juice yield can be increased by our machines and the juice is very good.
Orange Juice Filter
There will usually be some suspended solids in the extracted orange juice, which will not only affect the appearance and taste of the juice, but also make the juice more susceptible to deterioration. In this regard, we have to use a filter to remove coarse and suspended particles from the orange juice and to maintain its color and flavor as much as possible. If some customers make juices that are transparent juices, the extracted orange juice needs refined filtration to remove colloids and precipitable particles to obtain clear orange juice.
Orange Juice Pasteurization Process:
Baba’s disinfection is actually the use of pathogens that are not very heat-resistant. They are treated with appropriate temperature and holding time to kill them all. Bus sterilization uses higher temperatures to kill pathogenic microorganisms. The two methods employed are pasteurization which means maintaining the temperature between 91 ° C and 95 ° C for 15 to 30 seconds, or above 120 ° C for 3 to 10 seconds. Thus orange juice pasteurization can achieve bactericidal effect without destroying the quality. This is why the orange juice pasteurization process is usually chosen.
Egyptian agricultural exports record 3.5 million tonnes in 5M 2022 - Daily News EgyptOrange Juice Homogenization System:
The orange juice homogenization process is a process used for turbid juice. Homogenization prevents solid-liquid separation. Our homogenizer allows the fine particles in the juice to be further refined, allowing the pectin to be intimate with the juice and the juice to maintain a stable appearance. Through the juice homogenizer we can get a turbid juice that does not precipitate as suspended solids.
Orange Juice Filling System:
A Briefly, a sterile product is filled into a sterile packaging container in a sterile environment for sealing. After pasteurization, the orange juice is transferred to a loading bin and directly loaded into a can or bottle. In order to reduce the loss of juice flavor, the orange juice can should be packed into the bottle within 2 minutes. Immediately after the canning, the hot juice is inverted and the bottle cap is disinfected using the residual temperature. Then, the cold water spray is to cool the juice to below 38 °C.
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