World’s Most Expensive Cherry & Amazing Japanese Agricultural Technology Farm

Cherries from mid-May to mid-July
Most of the cherries grown in Japan come from one region: the prefecture of Yamagata.
Far north Hokkaido produces approximately 1,500 tons of cherries, and Yamanashi Prefecture weighs in with a similar 1,2000 tons, but neither region can compare to Yamagata, where 14,500 tons of cherries are grown each year. They’ve really cornered the market, with a 75% share.
Cherries are rich in anthocyanins which have antioxidant properties, so they have many health benefits!
Ohsho Fruit Farm also offers other kinds of fruit picking in different seasons, like apples, grapes, or peaches.
The Ohashi Cherry Farm in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, however, is the farm that started the cherry-picking tradition in Japan! They’ve been growing organic cherries for over 40 years. It also has the largest sheltered farm in Japan, allowing guests to enjoy cherry-picking in the greenhouses even on rainy days. They have over 30 kinds of cherries, and over 1,500 trees.
These carefully picked cherries look like they could be precious gems; rubies and amber lined up in a row
Sato Nishiki variety cherries are usually sold in 300 gram boxes containing around 40-50 cherries at ¥40,000 a throw( 350$), making them among some of the most expensive fruit in the world. Despite the high prices farmer in Yamagata reports he has already shipped 100 packs.
Expensive fruit is often given as gifts to impress superiors in Japanese business circles, while fruit prices in general remain 50% above those in the west.
Joining the ranks of the £500 (US$942) melon, a Japanese farmer from the now snow-buried north of Japan has begun selling the season’s first cherries at ¥1000 (US$9.7) per cherry.
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