Can you believe it? Animals can live after death

Immortality as along fascinated as humans numerous people have searched for the secret of living forever for centuries but it seems like we’ve been beaten to it by our animal friends to the extent at least today we will be looking at 7 animals that can live after death makes sure you stay tuned for number one as this the creature just might be immortal.
#7 Cockroaches
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these tiny little bugs would make this list cockroaches are infamous for their tenacity and are often cited as the most likely survivors of a nuclear war.
To understand how these bugs can survive decapitation at first, we must understand how we fragile humans couldn’t first of all, humans bleed and when a man’s head comes off he bleeds a lot of cockroaches don’t have that problem though they have an open circulatory the system. Don’t need their heads to breathe as they do this the process through little holes located on their bodies called spiracles although the headless cockroach will die of starvation eventually it’s gonna take them weeks for them to do.
#6 Chickens
There is truth to the expression running around like a headless chicken, after all, ya ask any farmer and they’ll tell you chickens can still run around with their heads cut off and there’s a very the simple reason for this and it’s not because chickens are zombies.
Now the reason is to believe it or not human error this error happens to be a butcher’s error to be more specific you see a chicken central the nervous system is very different from us humans some basic bodily functions are controlled not by the brain itself but by certain parts of the brainstem. Not only will the chicken continue to move it sometimes can still breathe of course it eventually starves to death but there is one special case that a chicken survived 18 whole months without its head.
#5 Salamanders
This animal has always been synonymous with long life and immortality it’s even revered by people who believe in magic believing that the amazing regenerative powers of this animal can be considered paranormal salamanders have the uncanny ability to regenerate any part of its body that has been chopped off. More amazingly these regrown parts actually function the same as for or in some cases even better than the original parts this is mainly because of a special protein found in salamanders that facilitate the replication of cells.
#4 Frogs
It has been discovered that frogs continue to move around even when there brain dead in order to put it more accurately with its brain missing this. So what happens if you leave the frogs head intact but take out its brain you ask well thanks to the let’s chop out its brain and see what the hell happens approach to science taken by 19th-century neurologist David farrier we can tell you a headed but brainless frog actually behaves very similarly to a frog with its green matter perfectly intact if you turn it upside down it will ride itself you pinch its feet it will hop away you put it in water it will swim to the side and climb out and perhaps most disturbing of all it’ll even croak intently if you stroke its back.
#3 Turtles
The hearts of fish reptiles birds and mammals alike have their own pacemaker cells that take over when the signals from the brainstem are not coming through for some reason it which ensures that the heart still functions for a while even when the brain does not now the turtle took the term for a while to a whole new level and this is because from their hearts viewpoint being cut off from the oxygen and nutrients usually supplied by the blood is just a normal day at the office because of these animals can die for a very long time. How long well try five thousand hours in the case of the loggerhead musk turtle, yeah you’ve heard that right that was a five followed by three zeros and they survived that long by what oxygen that can take up from the water via their skin throat and butt end as well as their the body’s amazing potential for producing energy without oxygen their hearts have their own fuel stash and they just won’t give up until every the last fill-up of that has been used up now it’s time for the day’s best big today we’re gonna focus on an animal so ferocious it can still kill you with its head chopped off perfect for Halloween honestly.
#2 Snakes
People’s reaction when faced with a highly venomous sea can be boiled down into three categories running away freezing on the spot and Oh God kill it chop its head off while indeed chopping that thing’s head off may seem the most a feasible way to avoid getting bitten the truth is that that may not be the case a snake’s head a vessel for its fangs and deadly poison sacs still have the ability to bite you and deliver deadly venom. Even if it’s no longer attached to the rest of its body the snake has heat-sensitive pits at either side of its a face which it uses to detect threats now let’s face it if you’re close enough for your body heat to be detected you’re close enough to be considered a threat these heat-sensitive pits are capable of detecting a threatening presence for hours after death which means this thing may continue to defend itself zombie style.
#1 Flatworm
Are you familiar with the old wives tale about how earthworms reproduce it states that if you cut an earthworm in half two earthworms will form from the separate halves. Of course, this has since been proven to be complete hokum however substitute the earthworm with a flatworm and then this old wives tale suddenly becomes a very true disturbing story. Flatworms or planarian are known as masters of regeneration. They can rebuild any part of their bodies after amputation if one is cut in half the head portion grows a tail and the tail portion grows ahead to cut it into 20 pieces and 20 new worms each an exact copy of the first is created this.
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