What if you were the most unlucky person in the world…

We’re not particularly superstitious here at Casino.org. Of course, it helps at the poker table if fate’s cards are in your favor, but ultimately you make your own luck, right?
Yet, sometimes when you’re on the casino floor, some people just seem to have the rub of the green. And then there are those who could walk right past a four-leaf clover. For every lottery winner, there’s always someone who misplaced that winning ticket.
So, just for fun, we decided to do a little digging and compile a list featuring 13 of the unluckiest people in the world.
1. Frane Selak
Is this the luckiest or unluckiest guy on the planet? You decide.
Croatian music teacher Selak, now aged 90, claims to have had not one, but seven, brushes with death.
Close calls are said to have included a train crash, being sucked out of an airplane door, surviving a bus crash into a river, two car fires, being hit by a bus and narrowly avoiding a 300 ft drop after a driving accident.
Although, Selak is later believed to have had his fortunes turned with a rather large lottery win. We still wouldn’t travel with him…
2. Costis Mitsotakis
The Greek filmmaker, Costis Mitsotakis, is another unfortunate soul often dubbed the ‘world’s unluckiest man’.
The reason?
He was the only resident in a small Spanish village not to win a share of a whopping $922 million jackpot in 2011. As the only person not to buy an El Gordo lottery ticket, he missed out as all of his neighbors reveled.
So what did he do — wallow? Of course not. He made a film about it.
3. Martyn Tott
Speaking of unlucky lotteries…we next head to the UK.
In 2001, Martyn Tott and his then wife, Kay, switched on the TV to see an appeal for what was an unclaimed Camelot lottery jackpot — a prize of £3m — and theirs were the winning numbers.
But misfortune struck and the couple realized they’d lost the ticket.
Despite still being within the claim period for the prize, they were outside the claim timeframe for lost tickets, meaning Camelot refused to pay out.
4. Roy Sullivan
Perhaps the most famously unlucky person on this list; Roy Sullivan is best known for being hit by lightning…seven times.
The former park ranger was nicknamed the ‘human lightning rod’ and features in the Guinness World Records for surviving more lightning strikes than anyone else in recorded history.
In a particularly unlucky period, he was struck four times in five years, between 1969 and 1973.
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