World Biggest Million Dollar Potato Chips Factory With Modern Line

The potato chips production line contains a series of potato chips machines to make crispy potato chips from raw potatoes. The potato chips manufacturing process mainly includes washing, peeling, slicing, blanching, dewatering, frying, deoiling, flavoring and packaging. According to the capacities’ difference, the fried chips production line includes a small chips production line and a fully automatic potato chips processing plant.
How about the potato chips production line price? - Taizy MachineryThe automatic potato chips line is designed to produce potato chips with large capacity. Equipped with high efficient large potato chips machines to make the process of washing, peeling, slicing, raising, blanching, de-watering, frying, de-oiling, seasoning and packing full automaticlly. Continuous potato chips production and labor saving. We can customized the line with different capacity from 100kg/h to 500kg/h. It is suitable for big potato chips plant.
Production at a Bosnian Potato Chips Factory Halted – Potato Business01.Potato Pre-processing
The first stage before processing potato chips is washing, peeling the raw potatoes and then cutting them into slices.
potato washing peeling
potato cutting
02.Potato Chips Making Process
Next is the processing stage, it includes potato chips blanching, dewatering, frying, and de-oiling. After these steps, the potato chips will be easier to store up and taste better.
03.Potato Chips Flavoring & Packing
Flavouring and packaging: Flavouring and packaging is the last stage, you can season the potato chips with different flavors, and packaged them into bags automatically.
semi automatic potato chips manufacturing machineThe world’s largest potato factory will be revealed to you right in today’s video. The factory with modern processes will make you admire and overwhelmed by the grandeur and completely meticulous process. It’s really impossible to miss the video when the process of making the snacks we like to eat is revealed
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