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Whole lamb is the raw material for preparing many unique dishes and for the whole family such as whole roast lamb, stewed lamb… With a whole lamb, you can freely create many other dishes. Match each other to your family’s preferences without having to consider what tastes best.
Lamb is one of the many types of meat used by the most developed countries today such as the EU, the US, the UK, and France. Lamb meat, in addition to its bold and distinct flavor, is also extremely rich in nutritional value. In addition to a rich source of protein energy, healthy vitamins B12, many nutritious minerals (zinc, fat, Niacin) that other foods do not have.
Lamb is considered extremely good for people with anemia because the iron in lamb is the most easily absorbed form, helping the body carry oxygen to the organs perfectly. For people with poor health, using lamb meat not only helps improve health but also helps support the body to increase resistance, supplement nutrients to maintain all body activities.
Lamb meat is soft, sweet, characteristic flavor, when using lamb in winter, the body will be able to resist cold, help promote blood circulation, enhance the body’s ability to keep warm.
In addition, lamb is also a special dish that helps men improve physiology effectively.
In some countries, lamb is not only good for health, but is considered a dish that brings luck and prosperity to the person who enjoys it. The high consumption of lamb contributes to the promotion of the sheep farming industry.
China Machinery For Slaughtering Sheep, Machinery For Slaughtering Sheep Manufacturers, Suppliers, Price | Made-in-China.comThis video provides an honest look at how animals are handled at lamb packing plants
The video shows each step in the slaughter process, including the unloading of the trucks, the handling of lamb in the pens, the use of “lead sheep” to guide lamb throughout the plant by leveraging their strong following instinct, the stunning process that is required by the Humane Slaughter Act to ensure they feel no pain, the steps involved in breaking a carcass down into the cuts of lamb that consumers enjoy and the food safety practices implemented.
Lamb Processing Archives - Sheep CentralThe video will show you firsthand the process of processing millions of sheep in the factory. When holding pieces of fresh lamb, you will not imagine how complicated the meat production process is and how bad the lambs are. Watch our video today to discover more new things
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Video resource: Noal Farm

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