The rarest goldfish only found in Japan

Japanese yellow flounder live in the deep sea, cold all year round. And perhaps that’s why it seems that halibut meat has both the purity and sweetness of the sea on every fiber. This is a fish that is loved by many users and has become one of the world’s most famous specialties gender.
To catch fish, fishermen have to use hooks one by one instead of using nets. If for export, it will need to go through a lot of rigorous testing and evaluation. And after catching and putting on the boat, the fishermen minimized touching the fish. Because if you touch the fish often, it will make the yellow halibut no longer keep its freshness. So the fishermen always let the fish rest and relax in the water tank for 1-2 days. Avoid stress that makes fish meat less delicious.
Is a fish with a rather special structure, with a thin, yellow body, two eyes located on the same side. In addition, fish meat contains many nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, and omega-3s that bring a lot of benefits and good health effects such as preventing cancer, reducing inflammation, stabilizing the heart, regulating blood pressure, etc. Thanks to these factors, golden halibut has been named in the list of rare, luxurious and expensive seafood species.
Yellow flounder is reared with a closed recirculation system, which minimizes the release of organic and inorganic waste, which is considered as one of the promising approaches to sustainable aquaculture development. Scientists have conducted a study on the closed production of Japanese halibut.
In addition, they collected information to develop closed fish farming systems for yellow flounder, such as the fish’s nitrogen excretion rate and the nitrification activity of marine biofilters. That helps in the design of the water treatment unit, the optimal water temperature for growth, the appropriate stocking densities and the effect of water quality changes on the growth of the fish to increase the yield. production and effective feed composition.
Based on research results as well as available knowledge, a pilot scale closed recirculation system of 10 m3 total water volume has been developed with operating instructions specific to Japanese yellow flounder. The system consists of a culture tank, settling tank, drum screener, submersible biofilter, cooling heater, oxygen generator and supplier, blower and UV sterilizer.
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