What happens when animals have a grudge against humans and take revenge?

Debate remains as to whether animals are capable of deep emotions like holding grudges. However, most scientists would agree that animals can have personality traits comparable to humans, so it’s possible that they can hold grudges.
#1 A Leopard Brutally Attacked A Park Ranger For Poking Her With A Stick
In Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, a female leopard became a nuisance to some communities after she started feeding on their livestock. The people, fearing that the leopard might soon become a man-eater, called in park rangers to capture and relocate the animal. The leopard was captured and relocated but refused to leave her cage at the back of the pickup truck used to transport her. It was at this point that things got nasty.One of the rangers, Alexander Rono, poked the leopard with a long stick from the cabin of the truck, hoping she would leave the cage and escape. The leopard did not appreciate the gesture and roared aggressively at the pokes. She even bit the stick at one point but still did not leave the cage. When she finally did, she didn’t immediately flee.Rather, she turned toward the front of the vehicle and tried unsuccessfully to jump into the cabin where Alexander was seated. Alexander tried rolling up the windows but wasn’t fast enough. The leopard tried jumping in a second time and got half her body in. She engaged Alexander in a serious scuffle and repeatedly tore his face with her 8-centimeter (3 in) claws while attempting to deliver a fatal bite to his neck.At one point, Alexander had his hand in her mouth. The attack continued, and the leopard almost got all the way into the truck until Alexander raised his feet and kicked her out the window, sending her running into the forest. Alexander suffered severe injuries and almost went blind. He required 21 stitches to close his wounds. In his words, Alexander said he “learned a very painful lesson he will never forget.” He sure did!
#2 A Pack Of Dogs Vandalized A Car Because The Owner Assaulted A Comrade
In 2015, a man in Chongqing, China, drove to his home one evening to find a stray dog lying in his parking space. Instead of shooing the dog, he proceeded to kick it out of the way before parking his car and entering his home. The canine didn’t take the kicking incident lying down. It left but returned with more dogs, and they all proceeded to vandalize the man’s car. They used their jaws to make dents in the car and bit the windshield wipers. The man was shocked when he awoke the next morning to find his car full of dents. He only realized what happened when a neighbor who saw the dogs attacking the car told him.
#3 Lion appearing to attack gun-wielding trophy hunters

The clip purports to show two big game hunters posing with a dead lion being another lion chases them off camera. Screams can be heard as the footage ends.
#4 An Angry Camel Bit Its Owner’s Head Off


If there is one animal that never forgives or forgets, it is the camel. They have good memories and can hold grudges against people who harm them. Harming a camel is likely to lead to a revenge attack that will most likely end in death.One Indian man found this out the hard way in 2016 after he was killed by his own camel. The man, Urjaram, had been engrossed in hosting some guests in his home in Mangta village, Rajasthan, India, that he forgot about the camel he tied out in the scorching sun for the whole day.When Urjaram tried untying the camel at night, the already angry camel caught him by the neck and lifted him up before throwing him back to the ground. Thereafter, it chewed on the neck until the head was separated from the body. It took 25 villagers about six hours to calm the angry camel down.
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