Rhino with serious rage! The video shows the rhinoceros rushing into the car and crashing repeatedly

This is the shocking moment an angry rhino suffered a serious case of road rage – and charged straight for terrified tourists trapped in a car.

The Rhino going in for the first charge

In the incredible video, the animal can be seen charging towards a car before ramming it, as horrified tourists cowered inside.

The rhino was spotted walking through nearby grassland when it suddenly charged full force into the driver’s side of the white Toyota – twice.

The force of the blow caused the vehicle to shake and its front wheels almost lift off the ground, as the terrified driver attempted to get away.

Luckily the driver and his three passengers, holidaymakers from a music group In Germany, managed to escape as the rhino gave up and wandered off.

Terrified tourist Alexandra Poier, 29, was in a nearby car with her friend and travel blogger, Nicoletta Crisponi when she managed to capture the attack on camera.

The two were volunteering at a nearby orphanage in Windhoek and had planned to travel around Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia in a Volkswagen Polo, when they took a three-day trip to Etosha.

Describing the terrifying moment Alexandra from Italy, said: “We were on a 3 day tour of the Etosha park, even though we were taking turns, at the time Nicoletta was driving and I was looking out for animals.

“She saw the rhino in the bush and started driving in reverse to get as close as possible.

“The car behind us saw us reversing and stopped to look why, then they noticed the rhino too.

“I went in the back seat to get a better visual. Then the rhino started running all of the sudden, but I just assumed it was going to pass between the two cars and run away. But the rhino actually charged at the car in front.

“We got quite worried, because we were in a Polo and we were scared that if the rhino charged us the same way, we would have definitely got turned upside down.

“Nicoletta started saying “I’m going, I’m going” and I was arguing that she should stay put because I thought that leaving would have directed the rhinos attention to us.

“But then the rhino turned to face us and my instinctive reaction was to hide behind the seat.

“Nicoletta just pressed the gas pedal and we drove off quite quickly. I looked behind and I saw the rhino running off, passing between us and the other car.”

The tourists in the Toyota were left shaken but unharmed.

But pictures following the incident show damage to the side of the car and blood where the rhino is thought to have injured itself.

Alexandra said she and Nicoletta were keen to check the group were okay.

She said: “We stopped a bit further ahead to wait for the other car and to check if they would actually drive towards us.

“We were wondering if their tyre was popped or if the damage would not allow them to move. We were discussing going back to see if they were ok when the car came along.

“It was 4 middle-aged Germans, a musical group on vacation in Africa.

“I took down the window and started talking with a lady in the back seat.

“We were both talking a lot and loud because of the adrenaline rush. In the meantime the driver was completely paralyzed and frozen.

“He didn’t move and didn’t say a word.. the rhino had charged his side of the car. But they were all fine.

“The tourists explained that they were taking photos and they didn’t expect the rhino to attack, so they didn’t have time to react.

We took a couple of photos of the damage and the blood of the rhino and after we made sure their car was ok, we drove off.

“When we got back to our camp, we told our friend, that also works as a guide, what happened and showed him the video and the photos.

“As soon as he saw the blood he went to look for the park’s guardians to tell them what happened.

“They explained to us that all the animals in the park are under protection, and when they receive a signalization about an injured animal, they have to intervene, find it and to give it appropriate cures and help. So they probably went to look for the rhino.

“We didn’t provoke the animal. From what we understood, rhinos have very poor eyesight, but they are very territorial.

“Either the people in the car were making noise and that angered the animal, or the other possible reason we’ve been told is that the car was just in his way and, because of the nature of the animal, he felt threatened by it and charged.

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.. I thought it was very exciting, even though it was scary at the time.

“I was quite enthusiastic about it and rushed to tell everyone and share the video with them.

“It definitely didn’t put me off going on safari. Quite the opposite. It was a fun, unusual experience, even the guides of the park were amazed and said that it’s a super rare thing to witness.”


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