Leader Buffalo saves his comrades from the pursuit of bloodthirsty lions, and defeats the lions

Look at a situation where the leader buffalo saves his comrades from chasing a bloodthirsty lion.

In the battle between buffalo and lion Kings does not always win the male lion, after days of having nothing to eat.

The lion is forced to risk his life to attack an adult buffalo for food to sustain his life.
The buffalo is an attractive, but extremely dangerous prey for the Lion and the confrontation between the two animals always creates eye-catching a group of hunting lions want to stalk their prey.

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They will then use the element of surprise to make the buffalo, without time to turn around and end the chase with a fatal bite to the neck, of the prey. make the prey unable to breathe and die is an apex predator in the wild called king of animals.but Lions do not always have the advantage when hunting sometimes the hunter has to pay dearly with his life.
According to those who witnessed this buffalo’s life-and-death battle and the lion, the buffalo fought bravely and patiently for hours as long as there was a chance to live it Will not give up but try to escape Lions can fast for more than a week. and then when they go hunting they can eat up to 50 kg of meat, almost a quarter of their body weight
Unlike the male lines that often challenge their limits when hunting Buffalo alone.

lionesses are wiser they usually hunt large prey like buffalo zebra and wild boar but they go in groups to improve hunting success rate
The African buffalo is one of the five largest animals in Africa an adult. Buffaloes can weigh from 500 kg to a thousand kg despite such a large body, Buffalo is still a frequent prey of lions not every hunt is successful.

a distraction that can cause prey to escape and become food for other predators to fend off powerful attacks by the hungry wild lioness losing blood and energy.

was finally defeated by a lion and became the raw meal for these bloodthirsty predators ,but this is not always the case we can see when the ball is pressed too hard, the Buffalo becomes extremely aggressive and fights back, fiercely.

At this moment, his muscular body plus his powerful weapon are his sharp horns. Buffalo is ready to rush in to kill anyone.
the animal intentionally threatens its life in a herd of lions although the male is always led by the female lion who is usually in charge of foraging and hunting.The African buffalo has never been an easy opponent to any predator but before the sheer strength of the male lion

The buffalo’s chance of survival is almost zero .Lion is one of Africa’s most buffalo killer animals so when the enemy is discovered hate the buffalo.

burned they couldn’t bear to see the Lion kill another buffalo so they launched a determined attack driving away from the enemy.

Buffaloes live in herds of up to hundreds of species of adult animals and .The herd is responsible for protection. old people who are pregnant and those who are young but there

are cases where they get lost and fall prey to predators in the grasslands of Africa.

There is no animal more hateful than hyenas because they are always on the lookout for their opponent’s prey, the hyena, also considered one of the most greedy.carnivores on the planet that very rarely hunt on their own but mostly follow other carnivores such as lions
leopard and then steal food to eat.

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