The mother zebra despite the danger rushed to save her baby and the kick made the lion terrified

The rescue shows that when a mother’s love speaks, a mother zebra is willing to risk her life to save her baby.

A lioness pounces on a zebra after separating it from a herd of zebras. Everything seemed dead to the pony as it just lay there waiting to die. However, something unexpected happened with the appearance of the third character.

Ngựa vằn mẹ bất chấp nguy hiểm lao đến cứu con và cú đá khiến sư tử kinh hồn bạt vía - Ảnh 1.


That’s the mother horse! After running away, he heard his son’s pitiful cry and returned despite the danger to save him. A mother’s great love overcomes fear and gives it more strength to fight its enemies.

Sư tử bất chấp một mình tấn công cả bầy ngựa vằn hung dữ ... - YouTube

The mother horse tries to separate her cubs from the lion by repeatedly butting her head towards the lion, after the lion is forced to give up her prey, the mother horse quickly turns her back and throws a rear kick towards the hunter. causing the lion to dodge a dangerous blow.

Ngựa vằn tung cước vào mặt sư tử đói

The mother horse quickly took the pony away from the danger before the lion’s bewilderment, it did not chase because it lost its soul after fortunately dodging a powerful kick from the mother horse.

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