Amazing Ski.ll!Various Fish Catch & Fish Cutting Ski.lls

Mullet Catch, Mullet Roe Making, Grilled Mullet Roe
Thick Lipped mullet still drive most of us insane but, as you can see, anglers have mastered the art of targeting the Thin Lipped Mullet with great success. This feature will hopefully explain how and give everyone more of a chance of a successful trip on these hard fighting stunning fish.

Giant bluefin tuna cutting
Quite a few people have asked for a “how to” showing cutting up and steaking a Blue Fin Tuna. As promised, we will shoot a video of cutting up a Bluefin Tuna aboard Karen Lynn Charters this summer. In the mean time I have put together a description and some pictures of how we do it on the Karen Lynn. All the pictures are of Blue Fin, but some are southern Bluefin Tuna and tuna from the Mediterranean.
Giant Tuna Cutting Ceremony 2009 - Fort Lee, NJ - Corner TurnThe amazing speed of a milkfish cutting

Giant Grouper Cutting Skills, Giant Grouper Steak
Grouper! One of the monsters of the deep here in the waters at Los Buzos. These fish are generally not on many anglers lists prior to arrival as most come for the legendary cubera snapper and roosterfish. However, these beasts are one of our favorites to catch and we want you to know the best method of targeting them and successfully getting them to the surface!
How To Catch Grouper (Huge Guide For Beginners) - Fishing Hacking Skill
If you are interested in the skills of cutting fish or fishing, you cannot ignore the video in today’s article. Fishermen with skills and know-how that make catching fish easy and chefs with top-notch cutting skills. I think if you miss this video it will be really sad
In the video below, you can see Amazing Ski.ll!Various Fish Catch & Fish Cutting Ski.lls
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