Weirdest Beauty Standards Around The World

Each country has a different standard of beauty, and it is possible that traits we see as flaws are extremely attractive in other places. Because depending on the culture of each country, the ideal beauty in everyone’s eyes may be different from the normal standard of others. This article will take you through beauty standards:
Long neck (Myanmar)
Padaung women – ethnic minorities living in the mountains of Myanmar, are known as “giraffes” when possessing a long neck compared to body size.
According to the custom of the Padaung people, when girls reach puberty, they will begin to wear copper bracelets on the date and time determined by the village shaman. The amount of this jewelry will be increased every 2 years, until the girl reaches marriage age. For them, the longer and thinner the neck, the more proportionate to the beauty of that girl.

Fat body – Mauritania
Mauritian girls have absolutely no chance of attracting a man’s attention if they don’t have a tummy tuck. To ensure that the girls get the huge weight they want, their parents send them to a special “farm”,
Women in this Muslim country located in West Africa, the more fat, the more attractive men are. A stout body will guarantee them a good marriage because the view here is that a fat wife is a sign of wealth and a husband’s pride. To make sure their daughter has a “standard” body, parents here send them to “fattening camps”. Where children are crammed to eat up to 16,000 calories a day (the standard level is only 1,500-2,000 calories). Also because of this tradition, women in Mauritania often suffer from stomach pain. and many other diseases.
Dimpled lips and red skin – The Mursi
In the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia, girls learn to dilate their lower lip using a special saucer. The larger the plate, the higher the social status of the girl, and the larger the share of the dowry that must be paid before marriage. The Mursi believe the disc will prevent evil spirits from entering the person through the mouth.
Heart-shaped face (Korea)
To be beautiful with a heart-shaped face, M-shaped forehead and V-line chin, many young women in the land of kimchi are not afraid to undergo many complicated and painful plastic surgeries.
Eyebrows connected – Tajikistan
In some areas of Tajikistan, connected eyebrows are considered the standard of perfect beauty. If that is not possible naturally, girls can rely on makeup to connect the two eyebrows together.
Tattoo – New Zealand
Tattooing is considered a sacred ritual in New Zealand. The tattoos represent the beauty, strength and fertility of women as well as the sense of responsibility of adult men.

These are some beauty standards in some countries, how about yours. Please share with us. I love you guys
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