Wilderness Survival – Create Amazing Bamboo Traps To Catch Squirrel In The Jungle

Squirrels are ridiculously fast animals and good luck trying to hunt them down! It is fairly easy to catch them with an improvised snare or “squirrel pole” though.
This animal trap is great because it ᴋɪʟʟѕ the animal when it twitches up. This makes it more humane and saves you the trouble of ᴋɪʟʟɪпɡ the animal yourself. Further, sometimes predators will get to your animal before you do. It does require some construction to make this snare though.
To make the snare, you first need to find a young sapling that is along an animal trail.
You’ll then need two sticks to make a “trigger bar.”
Put your trigger bar into the ground.
Tie a noose around the end of the sapling.
Bend the sapling down and tie it to the trigger bar.
Make sure the noose is open and positioned over the trail.
The trigger bar needs to be strong enough to hold the sapling downward, but small enough that it releases when an animal goes through the noose.
As the animal goes through the noose, it will cause the sapling to release and send the animal into the air, breaking its neck in the process.
The squirrel will have to go through at least one of these nooses when going up/down the pole, causing it to get stuck.
Note that the nooses shouldn’t be near the top or bottom of the pole.  Otherwise, the squirrel might be able to get its feet on the ground or tree branch.  It won’t struggle and fall off the pole, causing it to ѕтгɑпɡʟᴇ.
These traps and snares are for SURVIVAL purposes!  Go ahead and try constructing them for practice, but take them down immediately.  Most places have very strict laws about trapping/snaring animals.
You might be able to test them out for real during hunting season, but always check the laws first.
Also, note that you can’t just set an animal trap or snare and hope to get lucky.
A good survivalist always sets a trap or snare knowing exactly what animal it is intended for.
Traps get baited with foods that the animal would eat in nature.   Snares and traps are set by animal dens, animal trails, or other areas where you know that the intended animal will go.
You also have to check your traps and snares frequently because a predator could get to them before you do!  Don’t give a predator a free dinner when you are struggling for survival.  Otherwise, it will be crickets for dinner again.

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