Animals Can Live Without Their Head.

The Grim Reaper gets us all since we’re all carbon-based creatures. However, some of these animals found a way to cheat the system. Take cockroaches, for example, they can live without their heads for several days! Then there are salamanders that can regrow whatever their heart desires, and even the heart itself. But what will shock you the most are the tardigrades, so keep watching! Here are Animals That Can Live After Death!
Dancing Squid
Soy sauce can spice up a dish for sure, but who knew it was powerful enough to bring a squid back to life?! This squid dish is known as the dancing squid rice bowl or Odori-don in Japanese. Even though the cuttlefish is dead here, it still moves like it’s not. It’s not magic, it’s science. The squid is fully intact, so even if there’s no brain inside, the muscle cells are still there.
They react to the sodium chloride or salt in the soy sauce. The muscle cells send electrical commands and the squid starts to do a belly dance! The muscles still have some ATP in them, the main source of energy. When the salt in soy reaches the muscle, the cephalopod basically starts to spasm.
We’ve all heard that cockroaches are absolutely indestructible. They can even survive a nuclear bomb! Some say they can live without their head too. Unlike humans, these cockroaches breathe through a whole network of pipes connected to holes called the spiracles. Moreover, they don’t really have blood so there’s not much circulation of oxygen.
Their brain only handles the main sensory input coming in from their eyes and antennae. Many other behaviors such as running and reacting to touch are controlled by ganglia in each segment of their bodies. So once their head hits off, they can still go on about their day like nothing happened! In fact, the only problem will be that they won’t have a way of ingesting food. We call it the all-new cockroach diet!
If people can live without a brain for years then why cannot a chicken live without a head? Bad one, but it is true. Known as Mike the Headless Chicken, the chicken continued living for 18 months after it was beheaded unceremoniously. Mike even continued to live like any other normal chicken. Certainly a miracle!
There is a good reason why they appear on this list because even though a bee might be dead it can still sting you, not in the way that you think, dead bees obviously can’t go flying around and actively sting you. The thing is their sting and more importantly, the venom delivery system will still work even if the bee is long dead.
When a bee stings the sting detaches from its body leaving it embedded into the skin of its victim attached to this thing is a tiny organ that both contains the bee venom and a tiny muscle that pumps the venom out. Bee’s actions are not controlled by the bee’s brain but rather by involuntary impulses so it’s not safe to pick up a dead bee.
Salamander has always been synonymous with long life and immortality. Salamanders have the uncanny ability to regenerate any part of their body that has been chopped off.
These regrown parts actually function the same as or in some cases even better than the original parts this is mainly because of a special protein found in salamanders which facilitates the replication of cells this protein can also be found in humans but in smaller quantities.
What are the top 5 of the animals that can survive the loss of an organ? Have you heard of these? If you find it interesting and want to know more about the remaining animals, please follow our article part 2.
In the video below, you can see Animals That Can Live After De.ath Without You Even Knowing It
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