Techniques For Planting And Caring For Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are one of the most popular and widely used foods around the world thanks to their delicious taste, which is very suitable for combination. In addition to the delicious taste, tomatoes are also a fruit containing many nutrients that are good for human health. Growing tomatoes is often the impetus for starting a vegetable garden, and every tomato lover dreams of growing the best tomatoes: firm yet succulent, sweet yet fleshy, fragrant and spotless.

The secret to growing good tomatoes is to choose the best varieties, start planting right away, and control problems before they happen. Let’s start here with some tomato growing tips.

The most popular and simple ways to grow tomatoes today

Season and soil to grow tomatoes

Tomatoes are long-season, heat-loving plants that don’t tolerate frost, so wait until the weather warms up in spring. Tomato plants are grown on soils such as sandy soil, soil containing a lot of humus or alluvial soil, rich, fertile soil.

How to grow tomatoes

There are many varieties of cherry tomatoes, black tomatoes… Choose the tomato variety you want to grow.

Method of growing tomatoes: sowing seeds or growing by seedlings. Tomatoes should be planted in the afternoon when the growing space is no longer sunny, about 3 to 5 hours if you sow in the winter-spring crop, and in the spring-summer crop, it should be sown later in the evening when the sun is out. If possible, choose days when it is not sunny, cool, and rainy for the best growth of tomato plants.

Caring for tomato plants

Tomatoes have different water and pH requirements depending on the growth stage of the plant, need to dig the soil for tomatoes.


Harvest at the right time when tomatoes turn dark or red, do not crush, close, use clean plastic buckets to collect, sort the fruit, and put it in small wooden crates. Store in a cool place (do not use chemicals such as earth lamps to accelerate ripening).

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