Rare Body Features Only 1% of People Have !

1.Rodriguez Netherlands
At the age of 10, Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernandez from Maracay, Venezuela, already knew he probably had the world’s largest feet.
With a size 45 in Venezuelan measurements and already the biggest feet in his family, Jeison did indeed go on to set a new record for the Largest feet on a living person – male in 2014 which was extended in 2016 when his right foot measured 40.1 cm (1.31 ft) and his left foot reached 39.6 cm (1.30 ft).
2. Devendra Suthar 
New pictures have emerged of the man with 28 fingers and toes who holds the world record for having the most digits.Devendra Suthar was born with polydactyly, which occurs when too many fingers and toes are formed in the womb during the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy. The 46-year-old appears in the Guinness Book of Records for having seven fingers and toes on each of his extremities.

3. Adrianne Lewis 
Washington, May 14: A teenager from Michigan wants to be the new world record holder for longest tongue. The 18-year-old girl Adrianne Lewis claims that her tongue measures four inches and if this happens to be true then she might beat the current record holder Nick Stoeberi at 3.97 inches
4. Shiloh Pepin
Shiloh Pepin was born with sirenomelia – or mermaid syndrome. Her legs are fused together below the hips and she has no rectum or genitals.
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