8 Smallest Cars In The World

Have you ever spotted an unusual-looking car on the road? Or perhaps you are the proud owner of a custom-built vehicle rather than a regular model?
Summary of the world’s smallest, most interesting cars
Peel P50

Peel P50 is a world record-breaking device. With a length of only 1,372mm, width of 991mm and a weight of only 59kg. Peel P50 is a three-wheeler model, produced by Peel engineering company from 1962 – 1965. This model is equipped with a 49cc DKW engine with a maximum speed of nearly 60km / h, integrated 3-speed manual transmission. . The fuel consumption of the car is about 2.8L / 100km. Peel P50 does not have a reverse gear, but a handle at the rear helps the driver to reverse the car gently. Only 50 of these unusually small cars were originally produced, and only 27 are known to still exist. In March 2016, one sold in an auction for a record $176,000.
Corbin Sparrow
The original three-wheeled Sparrow was produced by Corbin Motors back in 1999, but the world wasn’t as “ready” to embrace electric vehicles as it is now. This electric car weighs 610 kg, is 2,438 mm long, 1,219 mm wide and 1,448 mm high. Sparrow is capable of traveling between 20 – 40 miles (32 to 64 km) per charge and reaches an admirable speed of 70 mph (112 km/h).
You may not believe it, but the high-end Tango T600 version has a selling price of up to 108,000 USD. The car is equipped with leather interior, high-end Alpine sound system. The Tango is an “ultra-narrow” electric sports car produced by Commuter Cars since 2005. It has a unique design that combines the versatility of a motorcycle and the advanced safety equipment of a motorcycle. sports car. Tango is 2,570mm long and 990mm wide. Vehicle weight is more than 1,360kg, equivalent to a standard Sedan.
Do you agree that we like to choose but large models have 4, 5, 6 seats.. but often have to go alone?
This interesting discovery helped spur Carl Jurisch to come up with the idea of ​​building a single-seater car. This “tiny” model is equipped with a Heinkel Kabine 150 engine (175cc), Messerschmitt suspension and can pull an additional rear seat when needed.\
Students at Japan’s Sanyo Okayama High School have developed the Mirai electric scooter, which is currently the world’s shortest car at 45.2 cm tall. . It weighs 280 kg and its dimensions are 2,480 mm long, 1,254 mm wide. It uses six main batteries with a total capacity of 72 V with batteries supporting 12 V.
Coulson car
The all-wheel-drive Coulson Car is the world’s smallest car, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. It is 635 mm high, 654.1 mm wide, 1264. 7 mm long.
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