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We all come from an egg at some point in our lives, but mammals usually get out of egg form pretty quickly. Lizards, birds and fish on the other hand actually stay in the egg after it has been laid by the mother. There’s a lot of species out there who lay eggs, and some of them are very weird. From the egg that contains the fastest bird in the world to the egg we like to eat on fancy occasions, here’s The Most Unusual Eggs In The World.
#1. Bird eggs
Typically, females, like most reptiles, incubate their fertilized eggs. Parents protect their young until the moment of their birth in a specially built nest. But even after the birth the chicks are still helpless.
There are birds who do not want to look after their eggs and toss them to other, more gullible parents.
#2. Fish eggs
Female lays millions of eggs at a time. Sometimes fish lay eggs even on unprotected surfaces, such as rocks. Most fish eggs in general drift right into the water, traveling hundreds of kilometers.
Example: The Yellowhead Jawfish is very particular about its home and will burrow in just about any substrate available, though typically crushed shells and corals are the materials it typically works with.
The coolest part about the Yellowhead Jawfish though is the male’s role. Yellowhead Jawfish are mouthbrooders, meaning that one of the parents (in this case the male) keeps the young in their mouth to incubate them until they hatch. Typically, after courtship, the male fertilises the eggs and then collects them in his mouth, holding onto them until they hatch. During this time he cannot feed. He will occasionally open his mouth to aerate the eggs (shown in the 1st picture) before sealing up again.
#3. Insect eggs
Insects usually lay a lot of eggs that can be of a very unusual shape. To save them from predators, insects learned to mask the future offspring.
#4. Octopus eggs
Octopus eggs are soft and half transparent. These creatures with tentacles leave them on coral or rock ledges. Females lay hundreds of thousands of eggs at a time. But unlike sharks, these creatures stay close to their eggs until the birth. After all, it is necessary to protect the eggs from those who want to eat defenseless food. Often this can last for so long that the female eat some of its eggs.
#5. Shark eggs
Eggs of these menacing sea creatures have a very strange shape. It is also called a mermaid’s purse or devil’s purse. The egg is in a thin capsule which is filled with collagen. Shark eggs are usually as large as a human palm. But there is a fixed record of 2 meters. The shark leaves the eggs at the bottom. It happens that there are several sharks in the same egg and the strongest eats the others.
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